Tuesday, September 1, 2009

PR Welcome Here!

Hello, we are happy you have found Sarabeth Events!

We are looking for companies in the social event industry who would like their services or products featured on our blog. The giveaway service/product that is featured will have some information posted, that will be written by one of us, and the interested person would reply to the posting in the "comment" field. Upon closing the contest we will use a website generated to chose a winner from the comments below the post.

Please contact us at hello@sarabethevents.com if you are interested in submitting something for our giveaways. Some example giveaways could be: a free wedding/event time capsule, free portrait/engagement session, free hair + makeup/trial run, free car transfer, etc. At this time we are not looking for discount-based giveaways such as, half-off or hourly-off deals.

Thank you for visiting! We look forward to featuring YOUR company next.

Sarabeth . Amanda . Fallon

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