Friday, April 23, 2010


Just wanted to share some fan-tab-u-lous photos of the fun Amanda and I had yesterday at CANDYLAND... we have a lot of our Sweet Soiree dessert bars coming up, so we can't wait to share these with you soon... stay posted.

Small sample of the candy for an Open House coming up on Sunday, May 16th!

Walls and walls and wall of candy....


We were so excited about attending our monthly AACWP (American Association of Certified Wedding Planners) meeting this month because (a) it was at the beautiful Ritz Carlton and (b) it was a round-table discussion about Destination Weddings!
The Ritz-Carlton was, as expected, beautiful and sophisticated. We had an amazing meal that started with an Amouse Bouche of spring english pea and butter lettuce shooter with crispy speck that elegantly moved to a salad of grilled asparagus with baby greens, minus 8 vinaigrette hazelnut goat cheese souffle. The entree was delicious and featured a pan seared sablefish, miso cauliflower potato pillow, sauteed wild ramps, sauteed haricot vert with a golden raisin brown butter emulsion. The dessert was my favorite part, since I have such a huge sweet tooth, which featured Gaviota strawberry panna cotta, sous vide poached rhubarb and vanilla shortbread.

Then the round-table discussion started! Each table discussed unique challenges that coordinators face when encountering destinations weddings such as how to charge for your services, sourcing from vendors, legal matters, local customs and logistics.
As we were eating our delicious meal and discussing such a fun topic, we looked around and are always amazed by the wonderful group we are so honored to be a part of. There are many, many wonderful certified coordinators in Dallas; many that we look up to and are humbled when we are in the same room with everyone all together.

We can't wait until the next meeting which will be at Union Station and is the yearly FASHION show!

Sarabeth | Amanda | Fallon

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Love is in the air!

We are so excited about our cute couple Courtney and Chris being featured in D Weddings bridal buzz. If you are unfamiliar with Bridal Buzz it is a daily advice for the Dallas bride. They give great tips on everything from fashion advice to where to get a great wedding tan. Check it out @

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

There is a fine line between "Different" and "Trendy"

We have never met and bride that has said that she wanted an ordinary wedding. Everyone wants to put their own personal spin on their special day. From ceremony to reception there are many opportunities to make the your wedding day your own. However, with that being said we understand you want to make your wedding day unique and special to you and your groom, but there are certain trends you should keep in mind. There are some trends that you might want to consider when choosing the details of your day. Staying current on fashion, colors, and even hair styles will help you in the right direction and will ignite your creative thinking.

Our most favorite new trend is brides wearing a colored funky heel. What gal doesn't love a great pair of shoes? From flowers to jewels the sky is the limit on shoe possibilities. It really brings out your personality and helps you coordinate with your wedding color pallet. Why not even let your bridesmaids in on the fun? Let them be creative with their shoes or even let them match your heel.

2010 Wedding Color Trends

It's important to stay in tune with 2010 color trends. The table below includes popular wedding color choices for the current and upcoming seasons:

Fall/Winter: deep red teal violet mocha sage

Spring/Summer: turquoise platinum coral pale yellow fuchsia

Another great trend that we have found that the "generation y" has been particularly interested in is "going green". This generation knows the importance of this in their everyday lives from the cars they purchase to being more conscious in the grocery store with the food they buy. Why not use those values and interests on your wedding day. Some couples choose organic fabrics, flowers, food and invitations, etc. Making green and sustainable choices helps our environmental crisis tremendously, why not use that thinking for one of the most important days of your life. Choosing environmentally responsible resources helps reduce the amount of carbon emissions, promotes sustainable practices, and supports local businesses. This trend in particular is one that we hope this is here to stay!

We encourage our brides to make the day their own, but remember no two weddings will ever be the same, because you are you. Therefore automatically your day is going to be "different". Keeping up with trends can give you a push in the right direction to making every last detail extraordinary and exclusive.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Alice In Weddingland Photos...

So, we know everyone was excited as we were about our Alice in Weddingland event to celebrate the Grand Premier of Tons of our brides and friends came out to join us at The Ryan Manor and we had a fantastic time!
For some of you that didn't get to attend this amazingly-wonderful-wacky event... we have the amazing Don Mamone and Tony Valadez to walk you through our crazy world on the other side of the rabbit hole...

When our honored guests arrived they were greeted with smiles from our valet from Gold Crown! They then registered and quickly entered our spandex-pulled rabbit hole... complete with red carpet from Magic Moments Parties & Events and flanked with fantastic florals from the amazing DiFiori. Next was our "Fountain of Tears" which lead on to loads of greatly fun event professionals such as Rovia, The Lipstick Reader and a Sketch Artist which drew quick sketches of all of the beautiful bling on our brides hands!
There was also a wonderfully creepy stilt walker (to make us feel very small) as well as some goodies from Campisi's and Jim Lee Catering flanked by some fun "Eat Me" signs. While eating our guests could choose from a variety of beverages including delicious, warm coffee or a "Blushing Bride" or "Alice in Wonderland" liquid catering from our very own mixologist provided by Drinks Fantastic.
While eating and drinking deliciousness they were entertained by none other than i-entertainment's Jason & Damany (a.k.a. Tweedledum & Tweedledee) while lounging on beautiful furniture by Install2525. Guests could even partake in a wonderful game of "Bouquet Croquet"... how stinkin' adorable... courtesy of the genius at!
Luckily we also scrounged up an amazing tent from Big D Party Rentals that was perfect in every way... and it covered up an even-more amazing cake provided by J. Dorian... wow... seriously?!? Stop in to their shop to see it in person! Plus... the tent, yard and trees were lit from our very talented light-a-teer Brad with es-events. Jay Cooper & Leslie Cole of Ducky Bob's even showed support for the Grand Premier by sponsoring some fabulous linens and attending our little shindig.
All while the beautifulness surrounded everyone everywhere there were also real-live agency MODELS showing the couture dresses provided by Brides Against Breast Cancer. C'mon... can a party get any better? Oh...oh...oh... plus each guests swagged a swag bag with enough goodness to write home about!
Some behind the scenes craziness ensued between our team, Amy Karp, Tamra Dunlap, Kristie Vento and Lauren Schmidt and it was ALL captured by Don Mamone and Daniel with Lynn Films.
We had such a great time planning this great launch party with amazing event professionals and it was all for a great cause! We would do it again in a heartbeat...

Sarabeth | Fallon | Amanda

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Girl Meets Gown

All you Stardust-Followers and Dress-Dreamers... listen up! Our very own local Stardust Celebrations has been working hard on a new reality series called "Girl Meets Gown" featuring stories about, well, the crazy path brides depart on to find their perfect gown of their dreams.

You can check out this awesome new series on Sunday, April 25th at 9pm on the We TV Network.

Furthermore, how awesome would it be to actually get ON the show?!?! Check out this link by clicking HERE!

B.e.a.uuuu.ti.ful Dresses + Brides + Reality Television... count us in!

Sarabeth | Amanda | Fallon

P.S. For more information on Stardust Celebrations, Lulu's or The Bridal Closet, including their CELEBRATORY sale going on now visit