Tuesday, April 13, 2010

There is a fine line between "Different" and "Trendy"

We have never met and bride that has said that she wanted an ordinary wedding. Everyone wants to put their own personal spin on their special day. From ceremony to reception there are many opportunities to make the your wedding day your own. However, with that being said we understand you want to make your wedding day unique and special to you and your groom, but there are certain trends you should keep in mind. There are some trends that you might want to consider when choosing the details of your day. Staying current on fashion, colors, and even hair styles will help you in the right direction and will ignite your creative thinking.

Our most favorite new trend is brides wearing a colored funky heel. What gal doesn't love a great pair of shoes? From flowers to jewels the sky is the limit on shoe possibilities. It really brings out your personality and helps you coordinate with your wedding color pallet. Why not even let your bridesmaids in on the fun? Let them be creative with their shoes or even let them match your heel.

2010 Wedding Color Trends

It's important to stay in tune with 2010 color trends. The table below includes popular wedding color choices for the current and upcoming seasons:

Fall/Winter: deep red teal violet mocha sage

Spring/Summer: turquoise platinum coral pale yellow fuchsia

Another great trend that we have found that the "generation y" has been particularly interested in is "going green". This generation knows the importance of this in their everyday lives from the cars they purchase to being more conscious in the grocery store with the food they buy. Why not use those values and interests on your wedding day. Some couples choose organic fabrics, flowers, food and invitations, etc. Making green and sustainable choices helps our environmental crisis tremendously, why not use that thinking for one of the most important days of your life. Choosing environmentally responsible resources helps reduce the amount of carbon emissions, promotes sustainable practices, and supports local businesses. This trend in particular is one that we hope this is here to stay!

We encourage our brides to make the day their own, but remember no two weddings will ever be the same, because you are you. Therefore automatically your day is going to be "different". Keeping up with trends can give you a push in the right direction to making every last detail extraordinary and exclusive.

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