Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Girl Meets Gown

All you Stardust-Followers and Dress-Dreamers... listen up! Our very own local Stardust Celebrations has been working hard on a new reality series called "Girl Meets Gown" featuring stories about, well, the crazy path brides depart on to find their perfect gown of their dreams.

You can check out this awesome new series on Sunday, April 25th at 9pm on the We TV Network.

Furthermore, how awesome would it be to actually get ON the show?!?! Check out this link by clicking HERE!

B.e.a.uuuu.ti.ful Dresses + Brides + Reality Television... count us in!

Sarabeth | Amanda | Fallon

P.S. For more information on Stardust Celebrations, Lulu's or The Bridal Closet, including their CELEBRATORY sale going on now visit

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