Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Esther & Joe Choi

Wow... here is a wonderful recommendation letter from a recent bride and groom! Thank you for your kind words and support, Esther & Joe!

February 19, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

I met Sarabeth at a bridal show last year. At that time, my husband and I were contemplating whether or not to hire a wedding coordinator. It was January and we were slowly starting to plan for a September wedding. I didn’t think that a wedding coordinator was necessary at that time. With so many costs slowly climbing up, I thought that this was something that we could save money on. Now that I look back, I don’t know how I could have done it without her!! I was so pleased with how affordable her services were. The payment plans she offered were great and made it less stressful on us.

She was there for all my meetings and helped me make important decisions. The only regret I have is not listening to her on my DJ. To future brides, always listen to Sarabeth and take her advice seriously. She has so much knowledge in the wedding industry and she knows what she’s talking about.

You’ll be so surprised at how well organized she is. She’ll help you remember what needs to be done along the way. On the day of the wedding, nothing went wrong. Everything was perfect and on schedule. I don’t know how she did it. Everything went so smoothly. I literally woke up the day of the wedding knowing that everything would be taken care of and I was able to enjoy the day more. She did this all while she was 7 months pregnant too!

I miss planning my wedding and having Sarabeth as my wedding coordinator made it so fun and less stressful. I promise you that you’ll enjoy planning your wedding and guarantee you that you’ll have the best wedding day ever if you hire Sarabeth as your coordinator.

Enjoy this time of planning and have lots of fun! It goes by fast, especially the day of your wedding.

Good Luck!


Mrs. Esther Choi


February 19, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

I've had the pleasure of meeting Sarabeth when Esther and I were searching for a wedding coordinator at a wedding convention in Dallas. My goal as a fiancé, at the time, was to find someone who would help Esther feel less stressed and worried about planning a wedding. It was very important for me to find a wedding coordinator whose personality would complement Esther's to make the planning process run smoothly.

Sarabeth's warm personality and organizational skills were exceptional. She did an excellent job from start to finish which made the wedding run smoothly. Esther and I were able to focus on enjoying the wedding ceremony. I appreciate Sarabeth's genuine care and concern for our special event and look forward to working with her again for anything else in the future we may have planned.

Sarabeth was able to bring everyone together as a team and tactfully lead the wedding planning which I was impressed with. I would recommend her services to any friends or colleagues who may be getting married in the future to benefit from her expertise.


Dr. Choi

Here are a few beautiful photos from Brett & Kiri with Pen Carlson Photography!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Behind The Tradition: What is a Trousseau?

Your Great-Grandmother would know this one. A trousseau traditionally included the personal possessions – clothing and households goods – that a bride brought to her marriage. The word trousseau was derived from a French term meaning “bundle”. The trousseau was originally part of a dowry (the financial arrangement between the families of a betrothed couple) and is associated with a time when marriages were arranged and the bride ceded all her possessions to her husband. For obvious reasons, the concept is high on the endangered list in contemporary American culture.

Beyond her wedding dress, party clothes, and honeymoon outfits, today’s bride-to-be is unlikely to acquire a vast new wardrobe before her wedding. Items including linens, tableware, silver, and basic kitchen equipment, which comprised the household trousseau, are now purchased by the couple, acquired as gifts, or assembled when the couple merges their households.

One tradition that has survived is the hope chest – a good sized wooden, often cedar chest for storing linens and blankets. Although few mothers begin sewing and embroidering linens when their daughters are born, as they once did, and placing them in a hope chest in anticipation of a distant wedding date hope chests remain a popular gift from parents to their engaged daughters and, like handmade wedding quilts, are often passed from one generation to the next.

Excerpt from Wedding Etiquette, Emily Post

Fallon | Amanda | Sarabeth

Monday, February 15, 2010

Send a 'Q' to Sarabeth Q!

We’ve received an etiquette question from our website! The bride asked:

“I want to place an announcement in our local newspaper but I’m unsure of the wording. We’re elated about being engaged but I don’t want it to sound boastful or like we’re bragging… what should I say?!”

Thanks for your question! Typically the parents of the bride-to-be announce the wedding but more and more couples today are doing so as well. We see this mainly from older couples and those that do not have close family to do the announcing. The wording is super-simple:

“Ms. (Brides Full Name) and Mr. (Grooms Full Name) are pleased to announce their engagement. [This may be followed by information about their parents or simply about the couple and their planned wedding date.]”

We’ve adapted the above information from an excerpt found in Wedding Etiquette by Emily Post.

Sarabeth | Fallon | Amanda

Friday, February 12, 2010

Spotlight: Jennifer Yarbro Photography

You may have noticed our fabulous photos on our super-fun website (if you haven't, click here immediately) or in DWeddings. Well, we give full credit to the awesome and very talented Jennifer Yarbro. She is so great to work with and put all of us quickly at ease.

Jennifer is so serious about photography she even majored in it -- now that's dedication! Jennifer is a perfect photographer in every way... she shows patience, kindness, is ethical and professional. Like Mary Poppins for Photography!

Our very own Amanda Taylor had the opportunity to use Jennifer for her wedding and Jennifer has posted the images to her blog, which you have the chance to view, by clicking here!

.... See what I mean by AMAZING?!


Fallon | Sarabeth | Amanda

You've Got A Very Important Date...At The Ryan Manor

Here’s a clue! Let’s see what you’ve learned so far…

The Date: 04.01.10….

The Time: 6:30 p.m.

What: A PARTY!!!

Where: The Ryan Manor, Dallas, Texas

What shall you find out tomorrow??? Stay tuned for more clues….

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

You've Got A Very Important Date...

Photo Compliments of the Amazing Amy Karp Photography

Check Out Our Q&A Session!

Sarabeth Events is so proud to support GSS (see post below).

Tamera Dunlap of GSS had some questions sent in from readers and graciously asked Sarabeth to answer some of them!

You can see the entire post by clicking HERE!

While you're there... be sure to check out the site... it's fantastic!


Fallon | Amanda | Sarabeth

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Groom Sold Separately

Calling all Dallas/Fort Worth Brides! You have got to check out GroomSoldSeparately.com (GSS)!

This super-unique and fun website was started by Amy Karp and Tamera Dunlap to be a place to help brides connect with vendors. Their vision is for the website to be a portal for brides to simply state exactly what they are looking for, what vendors they need and how much they want to spend and vendors will be able to contact these brides directly if they fit in to what the bride is requesting. What's really unique is that you can even upload photos of what you are looking for (could be helpful for a florist?!). What a way to save time and money... which everyone loves these days.

Although the site was made to make planning super-simple it also has, of course, a forum for bride-to-bride love and trend discussion. Speaking of trends Amy & Tamera are mavens for seeking new and unique wedding trends throughout the globe. GSS will be for Dallas what Fashion Week is for NYC!

AND... check out their 'Classy-fieds' (so stinkin' cute) section. Think: Craigslist for brides! You can go on and sell and buy anything from vases to shoes.

Not to mention... GSS received the 2010 Blog To Watch award! Congrats to Amy & Tamera... we are so looking forward to watching your growth and success!


Fallon | Sarabeth | Amanda

Spotlight: Don Mamone Photography

Sarabeth Events has recently had the opportunity to meet Don & Emily Mamone of Don Mamone Photography. After seeing their work all we can say is ... well, the photos speak for themselves. Check the out their website.

Don has many alike views on his business as we do. He is so passionate about his work... but this passion is not cast aside as he is still professional. As I met with him I realized he is a unique photographer in that him and Emily give their all at a wedding or event. One of my pet-peeves is working with photographers that constantly look at their watch throughout the wedding. Luckily, this would not be the case with Don & Emily... they are so excited about what they do... it is contagious.

Be sure to check out their F.A.Q. section on their website... Don & Emily have included questions you should be asking other photographers when you meet with them. How thoughtful?!

They have the cutest studio in Carrollton... so go see them (of course, you may save some money by first becoming a bride of Sarabeth Events... and everyone loves that).

Sarabeth | Amanda | Fallon