Monday, February 15, 2010

Send a 'Q' to Sarabeth Q!

We’ve received an etiquette question from our website! The bride asked:

“I want to place an announcement in our local newspaper but I’m unsure of the wording. We’re elated about being engaged but I don’t want it to sound boastful or like we’re bragging… what should I say?!”

Thanks for your question! Typically the parents of the bride-to-be announce the wedding but more and more couples today are doing so as well. We see this mainly from older couples and those that do not have close family to do the announcing. The wording is super-simple:

“Ms. (Brides Full Name) and Mr. (Grooms Full Name) are pleased to announce their engagement. [This may be followed by information about their parents or simply about the couple and their planned wedding date.]”

We’ve adapted the above information from an excerpt found in Wedding Etiquette by Emily Post.

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