Thursday, February 4, 2010

Spotlight: Don Mamone Photography

Sarabeth Events has recently had the opportunity to meet Don & Emily Mamone of Don Mamone Photography. After seeing their work all we can say is ... well, the photos speak for themselves. Check the out their website.

Don has many alike views on his business as we do. He is so passionate about his work... but this passion is not cast aside as he is still professional. As I met with him I realized he is a unique photographer in that him and Emily give their all at a wedding or event. One of my pet-peeves is working with photographers that constantly look at their watch throughout the wedding. Luckily, this would not be the case with Don & Emily... they are so excited about what they do... it is contagious.

Be sure to check out their F.A.Q. section on their website... Don & Emily have included questions you should be asking other photographers when you meet with them. How thoughtful?!

They have the cutest studio in Carrollton... so go see them (of course, you may save some money by first becoming a bride of Sarabeth Events... and everyone loves that).

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to feature Emily and me on your fabulous blog. It was a pleasure to meet you as admiration is the best!