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10 Ways to Save Up To $1,000

Here is a recent post we found on Yahoo! We've placed notes by each regarding our opinions of the article! Enjoy...

These savings are based on a wedding with eight attendants, 150 guests, and a seated reception. If your guest list is larger, you'll trim your expenses even more!

1) Schedule your wedding during your locale's off-season (usually November through March). Most venues reduce their prices during these times. Other vendors may also offer lower, more flexible rates. *This could be a great option to save some money! The busiest wedding months in Texas are September & October and many late-summer months as well.

2) Save on a high-season wedding by throwing your bash on a Friday or Sunday instead of a Saturday evening, which always costs most. * We ADORE Sunday weddings. You can truly save a lot of money and you can have time to spend with your family and friends by scheduling wedding activities on Friday and Saturday. This is a great idea because most people that will be attending from out of town will most likely want to spend more time with you than just at the wedding. Plus, you will get to show them around our awesome Dallas/Ft. Worth area!

3) Trim the guest list. You'll cut food, liquor, and rental costs, and you might even be able to downsize your reception space. * Everyone knows this one... less guests = less money.

4) Reserve a site that's fully furnished, like a hotel or restaurant. You'll save a fortune by not having to rent tables, chairs, dishes, and flatware *Most venues do come with most everything you'll need. If you're on a budget, be realistic about having to bring anything in to an open space.

5) Choose local, seasonal blooms instead of expensive varieties that need to be shipped. Cut costs even more by opting for smaller centerpieces and bouquets: Fewer stems equal a smaller final tab. * Flowers these days come from all around the globe and most are not affected by season anymore. Note: flower prices are higher during a holiday weekend... so plan accordingly. Also, think flowers that are large on one stem, such as Hydrangeas... these are beautiful as boutonnieres with just a few flowers off the whole pod.

6) Hook your iPod up to your venue's sound system instead of hiring a DJ. You'll lose an emcee, but you'll gain more control over the music. * This is where we whole-heartily disagree! You will need to make this decision yourselves but keep in mind a few things... do you have items such as first dances, toasts, cake cutting? If so, who will announce these important things and how? Second, do you want guests to be entertained? If so, only a qualified Master of Ceremonies and Entertainment Specialist can provide this. Nine times out of ten if theres no DJ or Band... theres no dancing. If that's ok with you two... GREAT! If you want to celebrate this special occation with your guests and family... the consider hiring a professional and don't skimp here.

7) Have waiters ask before pouring wine if you're paying by consumption. Also request that they avoid clearing half-filled glasses. *Great idea... also if you are serving champagne make sure that they ask guests if they would like champagne before pouring it. For a toast, you can request the glasses be filled only 1/4 of the way.

8) Find a BYOB venue. Caterers often triple the retail price of liquor, so book a site that let you bring your own beverages (buy wine by the case). *You will still have to make sure that you hire a TABC Certified Bartender.

9) Transfer inexpensive wines from their original bottles into decanters. That way, no one can inspect the label. Or make fruity sangria; they'll never suspect the vino costs just $5 a bottle. * Very true... Sangria is a great signature drink for the warmer summer months or if your color is a beautiful red!

10) Skip the full bar. Instead, serve just wine, beer, soda, and one popular cocktail (it's hard to turn down a margarita or mojito). * Agreed! Guests are always gracious for simple drinks such as beer and wine. You can almost double your bar total by having hard liquor as well.

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