Tuesday, May 11, 2010

To Top or Not to Top that is the Question?

Recently we were talking about wedding cake toppers. Where did they originate from? What is the meaning? Why do we do it and necessarily needed on top of a wedding cake? Sure of course most average people might not ask these question out loud and have long drawn out conversations about the subject. But we do!

One of the first things a bride always wants to see first is her cake. She walks straight up to it and admires it's beauty. As we all know Wedding cakes are elaborate constructions, each is unique and individual to the bride and grooms personality. Us here in the south also have grooms cakes but that is an entirely different subject. Adorning the top of the cake is the topper, which is the cherry on top!

Here is a brief history on the wedding cake and topper: A classic form was commercially established in Britain and the United States in the early years of the twentieth century. An exceptionally large, rich fruit cake, as much as twelve inches in diameter and twenty pounds in weight, was used as a base for pillars supporting a similar but smaller cake. A third, still smaller cake layer was mounted on another set of pillars above that. The three tiers were each covered with hard white "royal" icing, which also was used for a characteristically formal decoration of piped icing. The whole was crowned with flowers, natural or in a variety of artificial materials, or a limited range of other appropriate ornamentation that might also adorn the sides.

So we find ourselves in the year 2010, lets take a brief look at the wedding cake topper and how it has evolved. From your traditional bride and groom combo, to your modern bride dragging her groom to the alter. Wedding cake toppers are just another place for the bride and groom to show their personality and charm as a couple.

Here is your classic Bride and Groom wedding cake topper.

Here is a bride that wanted a classic with a twist, were guessing this wasn't a traditional wedding.

Blast from the past!

This looks like something I remember seeing in the grocery store when I was a little girl.
Sugar flowers are truly an art form!

OK so to answer the question we would say NO, you don't necessarily need a wedding cake topper. Honestly there are so many options out there including personalized wedding cake toppers. There are a number of companies where you can send it a picture of yourself and your groom and they can make you two fishing if that's what you fancy. Here are a few options to consider, you can glitz up your cake with a custom monogram, if you have a love bird themed wedding adorn your cake with love birds. Or get corky with a funny bride and groom or ride off into the sunset with a customized clay model of the two of you.

Finally, there is nothing we love more than just fresh flowers on top of a wedding cake. There is just something about the elegance of them to frame out a cake and to tie in all the other floral elements of the reception. But the bottom line is be true to yourself, and whatever appeals to you and the theme of your wedding. This is truly a magical day and celebrate that with who you are as a couple.

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